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The Mermaid Club ©

by Hamish M Anstruther
In memory of the happy times spent at The Mermaid Club in Aden, during the time of terrorist activity in that Region. The Mermaid Club was a heavily guarded place of refuge and relaxation where the British Forces could spend some off-duty time. This is one of a trilogy of Poems written by a serving soldier.

Where murmuring waves kiss sun-drenched shores,
And sand sparkles like stardust,
Where frolicking children spend happy hours,
Parched throats are slaked of thirst.

Sentinel deck chairs creak under varying loads,
Their lot uncomplaining borne.
Gone are the children on life's many roads,
Leaving footprints on pebbles worn.

Now damsels amble mid wishful glances,
Youthful, vigorous, not many left,
Portraying conceit, tempting love's chances,
Savouring time in this haven cleft.

White yachts drift lazily like wraiths in the night,
And questing fish rise hopefully.
Ship's bells clang, echoing man's forged might,
'Neath blue skies, changing languidly.

Thank thee, fair nymph! who lendeth thy name.
Many soldiers will remember,
"The Mermaid's" solace, immortal fame,
Cherished in our hearts for ever.

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