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Memory of Kelty ©

John Bearcat-Redmond
Fife, Scotland

Wha remembirs thi hundrid fit brig ais it spand frae side tae side
Ain wha remembirs thi Brickwark Bings wi its paths ain aw its slides
Ain wha remembirs a swim in thi "Dooki" Aur fishin doon thi "Ploom"
Ain wha remembirs thi Kelty cyclin club maid oot o wan wee room
Ain wha remembirs thi buckit cairts wi horses fu of pride
Aur a trammi doon tae Cowdenbeath rattlin fae side tae side
Aur wha remembirs cairin a miner's bag tae earn yersel a shillin
Aye thay wir thi daes a remembir weel
whin we wir yung ain wullin

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