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Memories o'Glesca ©

I remember this from Years ago, and don't want it ever to be lost.

Jonn Bearcat-Redmond
Fife, Scotland
Long ago

And where is the tramcar that once did a ton
Doon the Great Western Road on the old Yoker run
The conductress aye knew how to deal wi the nyaff,
"If yer gaun, then get oan, if yer no', then get aff!"

The tram's squeelin' wheelflanges aye made a great fuss,
Wi' weird clickin' noises no' found on a bus'
The conductress wis cheeky an' fu' o' the chaff
Shoutin', "Hurry up, mister, Cummoangetaff!"

"Move doon the caur noo, there's plenty o' room
You'll aw get a seat afore we hit toon
Nae smokin' doon here, pal, only up tap,
Pit oot that fag, haud oan tae yer strap!"

Fae Dalmuir an' Barrheid way oot tae the west
Tae Airdrie and Uddingston as good as the rest
Passengers fae Clydebank or tough Govan men,
Folks from oot Riddrie and old Rutherglen.

They aw used the trams, it is a dead shame,
The caurs are awa', but left is their fame.
Ah fair miss the clippies, aw hard as nails'
An' the pennies ah bent oan the auld tramway rails.

Ah think o' these days o' ma tenement hame,
We've noo fancy hooses, byt they're no' jist the same,
Ah'll swop yer gizunders, flyovers and jams,
Fur a tuppenny ride on an auld Glesca tram.

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