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Memories of Peggy ©

John Bearcat-Redmond
Fife, Scotland

Long days will pass and years will go by
And the love I have for you I don't think will ever die
Time will pass and memories will stay
It's hard to stop loving you as you're in my mind every day
I remember always your smile when you share
the times you gave your love and care
Always thoughtful, always kind
These are the memories that will stay in my mind
They say that hearts don't really break but that's not really true
The time I have spent alone in these past few years
Sometimes broke my heart in two
How sweet sounds death........ to a broken heart
No longer in my life you share,
And how the future will never be
As I will turn and you won't be there
But deep in my heart you will always stay
Remembered and loved....... every single day

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