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Tom R Young
Kirkcaldy, Scotland

Do you never think of what they did to ensure that you were free
as you desecrate memorials of those who died for you and me?
Do you never think of what you do or that you are a disgrace
to fly up and down on skateboards in such a sacred place?
Do you think that you are clever as you vandalise the seats
and trample on the memories of those who brought you peace?
Do you never read your history of those wars they fought and won
in the mud and in the trenches as they died there on The Somme?
Do you think that they all died in vain and it was all to no avail
as they died there in their thousands in the mud of Passchendaele?
Do you never think of Flanders Fields and the crosses there in rows
which remind us of those men who died to defend us from our foes/
And what of all your relatives named in this sacred place
whose names rebuke you as you skate to your shame and your disgrace?
Do you not think you are lucky to be free and so alive
because of all these men who died from thirty nine to forty five?
Do you never stop to read their names engraved in granite stone
who died in Burma and el Alamein and are buried far from home?
So next time you think of skateboarding in the memorial for a lark,
say a prayer for those who died, and skateboard in the park.
For that skating ramp they put there, was not put there in vain,
and if it was not there for you, you'd be the first ones to complain

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