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Mary From Bridgeton ©

William Musleh
Glasgow, Scotland

Could anyone please help me find Mary from Bridgeton
We met in South Shields six months ago
I've travelled the world from my hometown of Aden
To search for my Princess here in Glasgow

My English is poor but I am determined to find her
For we fell in love that day at Tyne Dock
She told me she lived just off of the Main Street
At The Cross there's a Toll and above it a clock

The family is well known and soon I am standing
Outside of a close in Acorn Street
I have travelled this far now my hands are trembling
As I knock on the door my heart skips a beat

Now there she is standing her face like an Angel
She beckons me enter then closes the door
Oh Mary, Oh Mary, hold me forever without me
My ship can now sail from the shore

This is the story of how my Mum met my Dad
Their's was a love which knew no divide
They raised me and loved me
Then when age took its toll passed to the other side

Now I am reflecting and being nostalgic
Because the years also have caught up with me
As I sit on a bench below Bridgeton's umbrella
Closing my eyes my old folks I see

Now there they are standing, faces like Angels
They beckon me enter then close the door
Oh Mother, Oh Father, at long last together
We can sail over Jordan to Heaven's shore

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