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William Carolan
Luton, England

A little green man in my garden did land.
He said, "How do you do?" and he shook my hand.
He said, "I'm from Mars, which is now very near,
in my little space ship which brought me here."
I said, "Your English is perfect and very clear."
He said, "We listened to your astronauts year after year.
I wanted to see how you earthmen live.
I will listen to all the news you can give,
My people would like to know of your ways,
to see if it's possible to come her to stay."
He watched all the news and took many notes,
of wars and famine and how people coped.
At the end of the day he said, "That's enough,
I have all I need and it's all very rough."
He said, "I'm off home now alas and alack,
I have this feeling I won't be coming back...!"

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