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Marriage of Convenience ©

Andrea R M Fletcher

Some wives introduce their husbands
Some husbands introduce their wives
To their friends and colleagues
And strangers they meet along the way
Such loving couples in public they pretend to be
So loving in public and yet behind closed doors
They are living under false pretenses
They are living a lie, a double standard
They share a home, they share the bills
They have no children; they share a name that's it
Their marriage is legal only on paper
They sleep in separate beds
They make love only when there is a full moon
They make love like vampires
Sucking the life out of each other
They quench the thirst of their mouths
Hunger for that tasteful "love bite," that sweet touch
As they touch, their voices are excited
He has his lovers on the side
There is no commitment with the lovers
"Sex" he said, "is great without the attachment."
As in the marriage, there are arguments at times
They make love together once in awhile
Those couples are still bound
They are dead; dead inside.

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