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Many A Postcard Scene: Galloway ©

Patrick Scott Hogg
(dedicated to my relative, Ian McCrae, in Sydney, Australia)

Grey mists of a morning;
Wild Winter's adorning,
All forest, woodland and sea.
Black clouds on the headland
Rain falls on the wet sand -
A raven sits high in his tree.
Green grass is all white frost
Gold bracken's now compost
Trees are as bare as a bone:
The glen has no cover
For pheasant or plover
The wind in the wires does moan.

O give me the heather
No matter the weather
Wild purple on Merrick's fair hill -
O give me the breeze
Thru gold-yellow trees
My heart is ever there still

There's geese in the stubble
Craggy cliffs crack with rubble
The cry of sea-birds is gone:
Waves break on the shore
Casting spray aft and fore
The storm rages on and on.
Let the Seasons all roll
And the Winter extoll,
That Hope is an evergreen:
Nature's wild and majestic
And other places domestic
Compared to my Galloway scene.

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