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Man's Recreation ©

This was written in the late 60's, when JFK almost started the third world war. But it might as well be today!

Jane Baxter
Dorset, England

world war three's not far away
it draws near with each approaching day
will there be one or two humans left to say
we were there at the start
we are all that's left of the human race
who blew itself apart

we were there when that sound rent the air
the four minute alarm was sounded
we are all that's left of the human race
whose problems could not be surmounted

we watched the mushrooms climb high in the sky
and we felt the blast of an H-bomb
we saw whole cities disappear
as though they were never there
and sights never seen before

things that screamed in unutterable pain
past all help they screamed in vain
the great vast country of the USA
obliterated in a single day
the whole of the western hemisphere
seemed to just climb from this earth
and just disappear

the place in the east where the sun used to rise
completely disintegrated before our eyes
there's not one place standing as it stood before
how could it be
they made a holocaust out of the planet earth
when they started world war three

world war three has come and has gone
leaving deep darkness with no hope of dawn
there's no sun, no moon, no stars in the sky
the air's almost gone and soon we shall die

but in aeons of time from this time past
the voice of creation will give forth at last
and then HE who created and watched it defiled
as though some toy smashed by an uncensored child
will gaze with sorrow on carnal devastation
and postpone indefinitely man's recreation

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