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Man at the Bar ©

Ray E. MacRae
New South Wales, Australia

The night was hot, I needed to feel cool
I went to the pub for a drink and perhaps pool.
As I walked in I saw this chap on a spree,
I had to look twice, because I realised it was me.

A chance like this is very rare,
I pulled up a chair and we both sat there.
It was he, who spoke first, speech quite slurred,
He sounded alright but really confused,
He felt all his life heíd been abused.

Well we chattered awhile about his cares and woes
And I was sure glad I had none of those.
He rarely laughed but when he did
I got the feeling there was something deep he hid.

ĎTime Gentlemení came we had one for the road
Then out into the evening both of us strode.
I turned and said, Pal are you right for a lift.
He said no Iím right thanks mate but here's a gift.

We both canít live as well you know,
You may have my life, now please go.

I knew enough of this man to go home in his place
And I knew some of the problems Iíd have to face,
But a chance like this is too good to miss,
To give this man's family a taste of true bliss.

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