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Ma Last Tuppence ©

The 'Torry' Ferry Disaster on the River Dee, in Spring during the 1800's

Josephine Duthie
Aberdeen, Scotland

Ma mither gied me tuppence
Tae ging tae Torry Toon,
She pit me on the ferry boat
Tae cross the Dee at noon.

Oor school wis closed fer Easter
The boat wis stapped fou,
There wis nae room tae caper,
The sky wis affa blue.

I watched the snaw o' Winter
Ging floatin' doon the Dee
An' I wis fare excited,
Nae sign o' tragedy.

The wind wis kinda gusty,
The ropes looked affa ticht,
I held on tae ma tuppence
An' squeezed wi' a' ma micht.

The boat swung roon in circles
Then twisted upside doon,
I fell in tae the water
I kent that I wid droon.

I couldna' see the riverbank
Or hear ma mither's cry,
The cauldness made me sleepy
I shut ma een tae die.

The Dee kept a' oor bodies
Fer nigh on ower a week,
We a' wir fun' tae gither
As if we'd fa'n asleep.

They pu'd ma fingers open
An' took ma pennies oot.
They gied them tae ma mither
Fa dried them wi' a cloot.

An' in ma widdin boxy
Afore she said guidbye,
She pit ma last twa pennies
Fer the ferry in the sky.

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