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Makkanwns! ©

(In memory of all victims of the 7/7 abomination)

Gordon Fjaelberg
Bridgend, Wales

Dream your dreams of slaughter
O, wide-eyed conspirator;
Your feeble blasts of folly
Have all been heard before.
Subtler than a houri
Is your fiction, firmly held;
Think you this nation trembles
At your Unholy War?

Dream of false vain-glory
O, wide-eyed conspirator;
Denying your own knowledge,
Admitting no mistake.
Others made this journey
Espousing death and hatred;
We'll likewise leave you bobbing
In wisdom's churning wake.

Dream your nonsense visions
O, wide-eyed conspirator;
You'll reap but what you're sowing,
Such reaping shall be fraught.
Put aside the loathing
Your sectarians demand;
All history's against you -
Bombs will avail you naught.

Dream of our tomorrows
O, wide-eyed conspirator;
There is no war on Islam
Outside your wretched mind.
Fifty two were martyred
To serve your obscene purpose;
Instead, your crime unites us
Against those of your kind.

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