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Magonagallese! ©

Tom R Young
Kirkcaldy, Scotland

This fine bridge they built over the Tay
It was meant for years there to stay
But one bad night in a storm
This fine bridge it fell down
And the train never got to Dundey
So these folk who were there on that train
Will never ever see Dundee again
And I have this sad fact to say
God sent them on their way
And they will never get their Wallaceís pey
they will not now climb that Law Hill
for itís a fact that they now never will
for that Law Hill is there for folk to see
this jute and jam place called Dundee
and also the fair Broughty Ferry
which is a pity and I think itís a sin
for in Dundee they all welcome folk in
and I think we all are agreed
that if they all had not been deid
they could have come back again and again
I think it is a pity these folk who are gone
Could not have had their lives all prolonged
They might all have been merry
On wine beer whisky and sherry
If they had all come to Dundee on the ferry
You know it really is now quite a strain
For to sit in the smoke on the train
For we all get covered in muck
From the trainís chimney stack
And we have to clean it all off once again
So next time you all come to Dundee
This fair city of ours for to see
You would be much better afloat
If you all come across on a wee boat
Or all pay for to use our fine ferry

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