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Magicwood ©

David Lee Sulgrove
Nine Mile Falls, USA

Soft sounds of spring
drift through the velvet wood.
Gentle breezes sing
ancient melodies long forgotten.

I await in the center,
surrounded by the circle.
Peering out with fiery eyes and fiery spirit,
I gaze in anticipation,
as the forest children begin to appear,
called forth by my invocation.

One by one they tell me of their secrets.
One by one ancient visions unfold.
One by one I listen as I am told.

The deep forest glade resonates,
with whirling multicoloured energies.
The children begin to dance happily,
in a gleeful way that none but they can express.

Projections in the air grow stronger.
The energies coalesce.
With scintillating progression
the dance goes on.

The pinnacle of power is attained.
Now the children
stop, and watch, and listen.

The forces blend
in a coruscation above us,
emanating through us.
All are in harmony.

We feel the magic of the moment.
All are one.
All are free.
All are part of the whirling energy.

As the forces slowly fade,
the children look to me and smile.
Then they turn.
One by one they return
to the forest,
from whence
they came.

All is quiet
as I move from the circle.
All is complete
as I move on my way.

Silently I blend
once again
into the Magicwood.

Silently I return
to the forest,
from whence
I came.

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