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Magic of the Golden Time ©

John Bearcat-Redmond
Fife, Scotland

All I seek in my life today is a little love to come my way
Someone true who really cares, and has a love they wish to share
I have spent my life it seems just wasting all I had to give
And now that I am all alone I have given up lots to live
Life just seems it's been a hardship with suffering and of pain
The price of love is far too much it's all giving, and no gain
And sadly there is many who feel like me today
That when we get to a certain age.... our confidence just fades away
You find there are people who have plenty love.. married yet only in mind
And others they have a choice of loves they swop for lots of kind
But all I want is a true love, someone I can hold and whose heart is mine
Not to share with everyone else, but just to start again with me in the Magic of Golden Time

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