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Josephine Duthie
Aberdeen, Scotland

Within the Laich o' Moray
lies the richest bit o' groon
far a michty gleamin' river
brings the brawest salmon roon.
An' tucked awa' aside it
in a sleepy heighlin' glen
is a bonnie coothie village
wi' a magic o' its ane.

It a' began years ago
fower generations syne,
fan a Gordon Castle gairner
bocht a shop o' ilka kine,
an' fan his local customers
brocht goods tae barter wi',
his canny wife decided
on a secret recipe.

She made some jams an' jeellies
which the Duke o' Gordon craved
an' soon the shop wis sellin'
mair than vintage marmalade.
The finest foods wir taken
fae aroon aboot this lan'
producin' hame-made specialities
that only Scotland can.

A factory wis erected
tae deal wi' sic demand,
an' the femily sent ambassadors
wi' samples o' their brand;
Fresh seafood fae the Moray Firth,
prime cattle fae the glens,
wild game fae moors an' valleys
an' ripe fruit fae butt an' bens.

Success wid nae come easy,
but thro' a' their ups an' doons
neen lost their sicht fer quality
or fer the folks aroon.
Tho' noo-a-days ingredients
are sourced fae far an' wide
The magic in this village
will aye bide here in Speyside.

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