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Magic Formula ©

This poem belongs to a series, which I wrote about DEIRDRE after I had concerned myself with Celtic legends. DEIRDRE was first performed in 1906, in Dublin by William Butler Yeats.

Short info: Deirdre fled with her lover Naoise to Scotland to avoid a marriage with king Conchubar. With promises Conchubar lures the homesick couple back.
Conchubar kills Naoise, whereupon Deirdre commits suicide.

Sonja Nic Rafferty
1998 - translated March 31st, 2004

Naoise speaks the magic formula
Which takes off all chains
Since he has met Deirdre
Everything has changed
The look in her eyes
Gently and young
Lets him grow wings
Carries him to a land
Of eternal spring
In a lilac sea of bloom
They let themselves float
Dreaming of each other
Feeling each other
So lyrically
So near
He calls out to her
The magic formula
That blossoms Deirdre out
She whispers it to him
The magic formula
That enchants their world
In spite of all adversities
Which separate them
Short-lived is their time
And much too rough

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