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Magical Thoughts ©

Fife, Scotland

To stand on a crack in the footpath
Meant that I would break Mothers dishes
Holding my collar when an ambulance passed
Was obligatory until I saw a dog

On a new moon you must go outside to look
Have a few silver pennies to turn over
In your pocket
Should salt spill then pass some over
Your left shoulder

Meanwhile rules at school were taught
I before e except in exceptions
Never run in a corridor
And big boys never cry

So many distractions when all the world waited
Looking at the map on the schoolroom wall
Being told about babies waiting for my Sunday penny
Believing that in time I would follow the route
My pennies took..alas I did not.

So many little things woven together
A rich tapestry of my learning
How time has shown that dishes did not break
The map colours changed
and big boys may cry if they wish

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