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Lucky Not to be There ©

Angela Willougby
Cheltenham, England

Bathing on the beach with its sandy shores
The fishing boats going out to sea
The young with their feet in the water
Young and old alike sunbathing enjoying the morning sun
They are on their holidays relaxing with no work to be done

When the Tsunami struck there was a huge wave
It took thousands of people to their graves
Come over the shore then came in land a good few miles more
All its path was taken, never to be seen again
They held on to the trees and all they could grasp

The splashing of the waves looking like white flying swans
With the power of Mother Nature, no one could harness her power
It happened so fast, with no time to spare
I can imagine the people running, although I was lucky enough not to be there

God bless those whom have lost their loved ones, who were swept away on Boxing day.

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