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Luck with all Senses ©

Sonja Nic Rafferty

Always, when I look downwards from the plane
over the prehistoric appearing landscape of Caledonia
where little spots transform into mountains, lochs and castles
yet I can see the endless long luck.

Always, after the check out with suitcases at my feet
when on my tongue I feel the welcome whisky
in the panorama Castle Café of Edinburgh
yet I can taste the smoky and spicy luck

Always, when I rove my forefathers' city Dundee
in the midst of the Lowlands along the Tay banks
when sweet wild daffodils fragrance enchants me all day long
yet I can smell the golden yellow luck

Always, when cheerful people meet
in the evening for a Ceilidh
frankly dancing and singing whole-heartedly
yet I can hear bewitching swinging luck

Always, when on the dark green hill chains
peacefully grazing sheep model with pleasure
for my memory photos and gratefully I stroke them
yet I can feel the woolly warm luck.

Always, when northern lights sparkle for me thousand times
where the molten gold of Scotland flows freely
salmon in mountain rivers perform their joyful leap
and the music of bagpipes cast a spell over me
there is the incredibly great luck completely with me.

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