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Love Used to be Simple ©

Bhavana R
Chennai, India

When I was a little girl
I didn't care much about boys
I could play with them night and day
If they'd only promise to not break my toys

And then a teenager I grew up to be
I dressed all hep so they'd notice me
Shyly we'd talk and slowly I'd learn
Sometimes of heartaches and sometimes heartburn

Those days were nice, my demands were so little
Though the heart sometimes was fragile and brittle
Those days I'd fall in love with every other guy
I miss those secret meetings and the endless goodbye

And then I grew up into a little lady
And many a technical book did I study
I learnt about career and I learnt about money
Love no longer seemed all that sunny

I have learnt to want more and more, you see
Now I want a guy who'd be just like me
And then he has to be rich, smart and active
And it wouldn't hurt to be somewhat attractive!

Love and life are no longer that simple
Worries are no longer restricted to a pimple
Silly me wonders if I'll ever find that boy
Who'd promise to never break my heart like a toy

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