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William Carolan
Luton, England

For the love in my life I thank the lord,
for having love in your life brings its own reward.
You have a spring in your step and your head is held high,
and you always have a smile for people passing by.

Love picks you up when you're feeling low,
and eases the pain when dealt a cruel blow.
Love can bring pleasure, love can bring joy,
like the love a child has for its favourite toy.

With love in your heart life's a wonderful thing,
the joy you feel you just want to sing.
In this world full of hate where evil abounds,
the seeds of love can always be found.

If these seeds are planted where hatred is rife,
then love will blossom and change people's lives.
these are my thoughts on the power of love,
surely brought on the wings of a dove...

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