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Lovers ©

Mystery Rose

You are my heart, my soul, my love
You are what was sent from up above
You are my very spirit that lights within me
You are the reason I can see

A life without you I don't know
A life with you is what helps me to grow

You have given to me a reason to live
You have sparked within me a reason to give

No words need to be spoken
No means to be said
When you take me in your arms
I will always be fed

There is safety within the lover's grasp
When two become one at last
There are secrets that the heart only knows
The secrets only the lovers show

Our eyes are the windows to the soul
Our bodies together is what makes us whole

My heart is the book in which you are etched
But a painting is only a mere sketch

For the fountains run deep as the waterfall flows
The ever longing of the love will surely grow

You are the spirit that lives within me
This will be every lover's creed.

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