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Love of a Wean ©

John McCormick
Bass Lake, Ontario, Canada

The frightened wean
Stauns by oor bed,
Her sark aw' wet wi’ pee.
“There, There,” I say,
“Wheesht, Wheesht, my pet,
Come in,
Wi’ yer Ma and me,
Aw' nice and dry.”

And by and by,
She’s lies safely in oor keep.
We cuddle her and kiss her,
And when, there’s no a peep,
Her Mammy lifts her
Tae her ain wee bed.

`Cause in the moarn,
She’s wis gaun tae school.
Oh! tae live they days again.
She’s grown up noo,
And we are sure,
That when,

Wi' her ain wean there
Beside them,
We know she’ll understaund.
In lovin’ bairns in every way,
Ye tak a step beyond.

Knowin’ love, is yours tae give,
Kiss them at every chance.
Love your bairns,
Aw' through their lives,
And in every circumstance.

The love you gie,
Is the love you’ll get,
It’s a love you can only see.
When you’re frightened,
Staunin' beside the bed,
And yer nichtgoon’s soaked wi' pee.

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