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Love in the Court of King James V1 ©

Jim McRobert
Edinburgh, Scotland

My Lord the King had a lady love
A Danish lass was she
And he brought her here to Scotland
For all his court to see
She brought with her, her maidens
To see that she dressed well
And I fell in love with a pretty one
Our story now I'll tell

I found myself in trouble
By the order of the King
Was told I'd die by hanging
Next morning I would swing
But my love she heard the whisper
As she lay at the Queen's bedside
Tiptoed past the royal guards
She would not be denied

Opened up my dank deep cell
At hand a secret key
Led me to the Queen's chamber
And whispered I was free
Took me to a window
There produced a rope
Bade me make my escape
With her, my life, my hope

For twoscore years we lived as one
In perfect love were we
Escaped the wrath of Royal hand
On our isle across the sea
And then last night she left me
By our bed I asked her why,
Why she had to leave me,
Why she had to die

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