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Love Blooms ©

Andrea R M Fletcher

Two lovers meet by the beach
Near the bonfire, their bodies
Collide, two silhouettes in fierce
Intense passion that were brought together
As the waves washed on their bodies,
The sand as golden flames, and
Silver moonlight illuminates their faces

A beautiful day has arrived, they have
Created something very special
Each came together as one wave.
While their butterfly kisses touch on
Emotions, flares as flames ignite
Exuding a loving burst of sensation

Moments shared as gentle
Strokes of fingers stroll across
Each of their faces, within their eyes
Love embraces, with grace so tender
Their hearts played a trumpet of
Rhythmic beats and endless motion

Upon the endless white sand, they surrender
While others just waft on by
Two lovers gently cling
As the glimmering of the blue water
Calmly rocks them by
Two lovers bloom in paradise lagoon.

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