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Love and Blood ©
...When passion dominates reason.

Nat Hall
Sandwick, Shetland

Great is the loss of a father,
The Creator has called him back;
Masterless land torn asunder,
Mother and son - all dressed in black...

An orphan soul without solace,
The Queen has chosen a new heart;
Yet their union tears him apart -
The murderer has found his bliss.

Enlightening is the vision!
The spirit has unveiled the plot;
"Avenge me whilst the iron's still hot -
Spare me the trap of oblivion!"

The weight of guilt is too heavy -
Of this sick mind he must be rid;
The Queen is blind - she won't suspect
Such an unfortunate tragedy...

Doomed seems Hamlet to his fate -
The King is humming victory;
A shameless heart has no mercy,
The dagger hasn't come too late...

Taken for dead, the saddened Queen
With her husband, mourn the victims...
Insanity has struck again,
Heart-broken Hamlet is watching...

A tale of love tarnished with blood,
The list is long - it has no end;
No deeper wounds call for revenge,
The Almighty can't stop the flood...

Poison is crossing with the sword,
Gone are the King, mother and son;
Only the blade begs a pardon,
...Will it be granted by the Lord?

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