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Lost Love ©

William Carolan
Luton, England

He walked along the road alone,
how sad he looked this man on his own.
His sadness felt of the love he'd lost
and in his mind he thought of the cost.
He loved her dearly, he was not to know,
she loved another, it was a sad blow.
The plans he had made all gone up in smoke,
all his friends said, she was just a bad joke.
But how could they know what he felt in his heart
how he loved this girl from the very start.
He never knew, he never suspected,
she loved another and he would be rejected.
As he walked the road his head in a spin
trying in vain to take it all in.
He would have to try very hard to forget
the two years together since they first met.
It would not be easy to put in the past
the love he thought would always last.
But if she loved another it was all very plain
he had to move on, there was nothing to gain.
His friends would support him and give him hope
and with their help he would manage to cope.

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