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Lorna ©

Jim McRobert
Edinburgh, Scotland

It came with a wind as light as a breeze
In lazy breath leaves shook in the trees
And streaks overhead of mackerel skies
This lore of the sailor, it never lies

Off to the west in a shallow warm sea
A bubble was rising, it yearned to be free
Greasy in waters, the sun beat down
An air-heated furnace, a steam-building crown

It rose and it rose in the spin of the earth
Spinning so fast for all it was worth
A creamy like wisp of meringue on sea
From on orbiting eye ever watchful and free

Relayed in a nanon a pictorial view
Called to the air force, a plane to fly through
From one fifty miles it struck the first CAT
Flung up in the air and shook like a rat

They named her Lorna, a she-devil in name
A warning to shipping, beware hurricane
Announcements were made both far and near
A name which put sailors and lands-folk in fear

The storm, it rolled forward slowly at first
Gathering power so quickly, gaining in thirst
Spinning and spiralling at incredible speed
One thought of destruction and greed, greed, greed

From high in the sky it looked like a flower
With trumpeting petals rigid in power
Herald the surface of wind-tortured sea
Once in its vacuum nothing is free

It came in the night, we suddenly awoke
With a slap on our roof the slates all broke
The chimney pot screamed as we lay in despair
Cramped in our muscles, frozen in fear

Where could we hide, where, where, where
Then all raced for shelter under the stair
Uncertain of living, too young to die
Huddled together as each gave a cry

Mum was in terror, Dad was too
Trapped in our corner what could we do
While all around raged a mad, bad bull
Ripping and tearing so terribly cruel

Out in the harbour the sea was a mess
Crunching up boats it sought to digest
Stamping and clamping, one thought secure
Tearing and shredding the ones that were poor

Trees that were ancient gone in a flash
In maelstrom confusion, beaten to trash
Flower-beds thrashed, strewn and gory
On marched the monster triumphant in glory

Beating up streets in tsunami-like wave
Houses and buildings, none it would save
Killing and maiming, sating a lust
Eating society, savouring the crust

The record stopped, the arm swung off
Its silence great, clear skies aloft
Seas soon calmed, now battle o'er
Now silence reigned within the core

Disbelief in suffering eye
Shock, relief, grown men cry
Stumble round in carrion sight
Loved ones gone by Devil's might

Gather round in pitiful prayer
As others run but don't know where
Lost the need to live within
Perchance survive would be a sin

The record drops, the arm swings back
A monster wheel, angry, black
Blasts the land as it beat before
Cyclonic winds howl and roar

Gather onwards, suck and muck
In vacuumed roar, up, up, up
A pounded town, now level shore
Its bloodied copse, battered, sore

Mocked in death by whirling eye
Berserker howl abound the sky
Green-like lands now scourged red
Few remain to claim their dead

It's watching now the place to strike
Where to stab with warring pike
As it missed in landward rush
Now it sought to trap and crush

On mountain drag it met its match
One faltering step in pulsing heart
Then was gone as never been
Lorna's anger, now calm, serene

Off to seas in warmer climes
A lover sought in future times
To mate the Devil fuel his greed
Satisfy to gain the seed

And at that moment in the sea
Pregnant desperate to be free
A witch be born to scare all men
This year, the next, when, when, when!!!

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