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Look At Me ©

Written for Senior Citizen's Awareness Week.

Josephine Duthie
Aberdeen, Scotland

Look down at me, look closely,
I'm old and fading fast,
Trying to be recognised from days long gone and past.
Look down at me, look closely
I'm not an empty chair,
I'm filled with warm emotions and still allowed to care.
My crooked frame is broken, my hands are tired and worn
From ambitions I have moulded to the failures I have borne.
My head is filled with memories, with you I'd like to share,
So spare a moment sometimes, not just to comb my hair.
Tell me about your family and how your days have gone
And maybe I'll explain to you just why I wrote this song.

Look down at me, look closely,
My life was full of pride.
Decision-making principles by which I still abide.
I feel the same emotions as you scold when I abstain,
You forget that deep inside this form,
Young spirits still remain.
I know I take for granted you're there to fill my needs,
I know that I forget to say a thanks for all your deeds.
Just please remember who I was, how difficult it is,
To live inside this useless shell
And come to terms with this.

Look down at me, look closely
And dream a while with me,
Recall the times of yesteryear when you sat on my knee.
I cheated with your homework to give you top class marks.
I covered up your stories and hid your youthful larks.
When decisions were too difficult I guided you each way
I helped you grow into the man I see with me today.

Look down at me, move closer,
Provide my days with ease,
Let respect for my existence encourage me to please.
So understand my problems, explain to me your fears.
Help us to remember and we'll roll away the years.
Although I can't express my thoughts in everything I do,
A smile, a touch, a tender glance
Will see me safely through.
The time we have together is short and could be fun.
Let's discover that this daft old man has a wise mature son.

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