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Longing For Scotland ©

Ian McCrae
Sydney, Australia

I love the wild roses
The mountains and sea,
My native homeland
Where I long to be.

I love the wild moorland
The wide open sky,
The black bird that sings
An old lullaby.

I love the sunsets
The rivers and burns,
The glens and the meadows
Where ever they run.

The days of my childhood
For they have long gone,
And still I remember
My old mother's songs:

The sunrise each morning
That brings a new day,
For ever and ever
I like it that way.

A soft summer breeze
In the mid afternoon
When fishing for trout
On the banks of Loch Doon:

Long summer days
Not a cloud in the sky,
Then away in the background
I hear myself sigh.

A longing for Scotland
And for auld lang syne,
Always and ever
You are on my mind.

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