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Live For The Day ©

Andrea R M Fletcher

I will live today,
As though it is my last day on earth,
Oh, all the plans I have would not matter,
If I could not spend this last day with you.
I will live today,
As though it is my last breath of air,
My sunshine,
My last meal and my last drink of water.
I will live,
As though I have read somewhere that
The world is coming to an end.
I will live today,
As though I heard you say,
Without me in this world,
Your life would be meaningless.
I will live today,
As though from afar,
I heard you call my name, and say,
I will never forsake you,
Nor will I leave you.
I will live today,
As though you are my anchor of strength,
The pillar of my life,
The will of my very being.
I will live, I will live,
Until it is time for us to part.
I will live again;
We will meet again, in the afterlife
There we will always reside.

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