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Little Elf Lost ©

Written for my son Patrick in a time when children still used to believe

Jane Baxter
Dorset, England

I'm lost I'm lost I'm lost I'm lost
Alone here all by myself
On hearing this and turning round
I beheld a tiny little elf

The little chap was sitting
On a toadstool fat and round
Have you ever heard a crying elf
'Tis such a sad and sorry sound

I did not want to startle him
As he had startled me
So bending down I said to him
As quiet as quiet could be

You're a silly elf and a naughty one
For you know elves should not roam
For if they do then just like you
Can't find their way back home

Will you please help me Mr man
The little elf asked of me
Show me the way back if you can
And I'll grant you wishes three

So I picked him up and carried him
Down to the fairy glade
And knelt and watched that little elf
As homeward bound he made

And I heard the joyous laughter ring
As they welcomed home that little elf
But if he ever goes a wandering
I bet it won't be by himself

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