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Lines Written On Leaving Fife ©

Gordon Fjaelberg
Bridgend, Wales

I've got a two-room cottage,
There's a bed-room, where I lie,
The other room's a kitchen
And a dining-room, forbye.
You cannot fail to find out front
The Firth of Forth revealed;
Where do you find such luxury?
Where but Low Valleyfield!

I used to live in Culross,
Which is practically next door,
Around the back of Betty's Shop,
But I'm living there no more.
My landlord, he and I did not
With friendship brightly glow;
I couldn't stand him anyway,
So I was glad to go.

In Culross there's a tavern
Which the locals call "The Red",
Open seven nights a week
And it keeps me from my bed.
The beer served is always cool,
The crack is always grand;
There's whiles you can bide longer
Than the law had ever planned.

Diesel trains rush past my door
Some hundred yards in front,
They're bringing coal from Seafields
To Longannet Power Plant.
The first one comes at 6 am,
The next one's due at three;
They always shake my window panes
And often rattle me.

With heavy heart I'm leaving
To discover pastures new,
My fortune's lying elsewhere
But my thoughts remain with you.
My dial never ventured from
Fantastic 194;
You're worth a verse in any song,
I'd like to thank you more.

So here's to Auchtermuchty,
Dollar Glen and Cowdenbeath,
To Cupar and St. Andrews,
Pittenweem and Pittencrieff.
Let's raise a glass to such a place
You'll find but once in life;
"To the Independent Kingdom!
Good health to all in Fife!"

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