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Life ©

Sabrina Sheldon
Silsbee, USA

Life is a fragile thing,
It's not as long as it would seem,
Time takes over and we all soon die,
Leaving tears in our loved ones eyes.

There's nothing that we can really do,
It's the circle of life,
For me and you.

Life is something,
We all have,
Once it's gone,
There is no getting it back.

Life is a very fragile thing,
It's something we all take for granted,
So it would seem.
Everyone thinks they can do anything,
Time will be on their side,
For they think they have everything to lose,
And not a thing to hide.

But once you lose a loved one,
You begin to realize,
That not everything is as it seems,
And you have just wasted all of your time.

Whether you believe,
Or you disbelieve,
Or you just don't know what to think at all.
This is the time to go and fix things that you've done wrong,
Or one day you might be gone.

Life is a fragile thing,
It's not as long as it would seem,
Once it's gone there's no getting it back,
And all of this is for a fact.

So be wise and use your time,
Like there is know tomorrow,
For one of you this may be true,
And your loved ones,
Will be the ones with all the sorrow.

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