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Letter From Scotland ©

Linda Harnett
Cumbernauld, Scotland

Did you see my mountains,
Rising high into the sky?
Did you see my eagle,
Soaring way on high?
Did you feel the mist surround you,
Like a gentle falling cloud?
Did you think of it in silence,
Or speak of it out loud?

Did you wonder at the vista,
A feast before your eyes,
And water kissed by moonlight,
Under dark blue velvet skies?
Did the clouds depart for just one night,
To let the sunset in?
Did it shine down from the greatest height,
And touch you deep within?

Were you filled with inspiration?
Did you see it as I do?
Did you take it all for granted?
Was it just another view?
Did you wrap up well against the cold,
When sunshine you did lack?
Did the natives bid you fond farewell,
God speed,
And, haste ye back?

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