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Lest We Forget! ©

Tom R Young
Kirkcaldy, Scotland

Remember remember the 11th of September
with it's hijacking treason and plot
for on that sad day common sense passed away
and I remind you in case you forgot
It won't be the same for those who were maimed
or for those who are gone and are dead
and one never can tell when this sad living hell
will be over or what lies ahead
This task that's ahead will fill us with dread
until reason soothes all of our fears
and we can all but hope as blindly we grope
that we get some relief from our tears
For in our confusion we all lived a delusion
thinking we were all safe from it all
but in learning this lesson it may be a blessing
if we learn it's our pride that can fall
for how can it be in the land of the free
that these vermin spread terror and pain
so come to your senses and shore up your defences
to make sure it won't happen again
over here in the blitz we were bombed nightly by Fritz
but we went to our jobs just the same
so stick to your guns and like we beat the Hun
you will touch down and you'll win the game
It is freedom you choose so how can you lose
in your fight with these crazed Taliban
you’ll get rid of these creeps as they flee in their jeeps
and bring freedom to Afghanistan

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