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Left Ahint ©

For ma wee ma, Helen Gough Ross Mandara, 1921-1988

Jane Baxter
Dorset, England

oh gang awa an let me be
a want nae tears nur sympathy
this grief is mine an mine tae bare
the only wan this grief cuid share
has gang awa an dee'd

wee'l noo a'v laid whits left tae rest
a'll hae tae dae whit a think best
bit o' this pain aroon ma hert
jist like it's near tae burst apert
because a'm left ahint

we aft times spake o' it jist you an me
an we aft times wunnert hoo it wid be
wee'l noo a know, an o' the pain
tae ken a'll nae see you again
because a'm left ahint

oh mither, mither, ma ane love
a ken yur somewhaur up above
an a know that yee'l furgive ma tears
as ma broken hert remembers years
o' love ye left ahint

wee'l ma life's span is nearly through
an a hope a'll shin be jinen you
an yince again wee'l be as ane
and a ken a'll shin furget the pain
o' bein left ahint

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