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Left a Bit And Left a Bit ©

When I arrived at 'A' Company's positions at the re-entrant on the side of Darwin Hill, 'B' Company were under a bit of sniper and counter battery fire over on our right. They were fighting their way through the graveyard at Boca House. I arrived with a trail of tracer from an enemy machine gunner following in my wake. I got a hard time from our own blokes because I didn't have any link for the machine guns. But I had a set of laser bino's. So I spotted for them.

Jim (Jock) Love
Stonehenge, England

Left a bit
and left a bit
and left a little more.
Now add a bit
and add a little more.
The arc's not high, as you watch it fly.
Though the chattering rattle, amidst all the battle,
causes your ears to roar.
One belt down, fifty rounds, tracer one in four.
Now left a bit
and left a bit..................

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