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Tom Barker
Joondalup, Australia

Some people post for merriment,
to some it is just a huge joke.
Others are crude and merciless,
wi' possibly a brain full of coke.

Kids think it is great fun,
till some idiot destroys their desire.
To contact a friend in a world of pretend,
by smearing the net with mire.

Some lonely old dear with an illness,
who cannot move from the bed.
Finds more delight and continues to fight,
and loneliness no longer a dread.

The net brings us all together,
even though so far apart.
We can laugh and joke together,
even look into another's heart.

So be happy with what you have got,
for true love is not pretend.
A true love will last forever,
and a true love you cannot offend.

The face of fear sometimes hidden,
behind a forced facade of mirth.
Belies the pain that is hidden,
when we are about to leave this earth.

Memories of loved ones so cherished,
are not written and stored in books.
The toys of yesterday's children,
gone from the crannies and nooks.

Lost too are the memories,
of so many yester years.
Of rockets, bombs, and submarines,
and so many helpless tears.

Tomorrow's kids given patience,
must learn from our mistakes.
The world could be their oyster,
let us just hope it never breaks.

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