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Lamont Crescent ©

Edith Collins
Stirling, Scotland

Derek and Scott, John ‘n’ Suzette,
Jackie ‘n’ Tracey and Edith ‘n’ Annette,
Two man hunt, and hide ’n ‘seek,
we were oot playin ivry night ay the week.
Kickin the ba’ up against the Waa,
Keepy uppy nae bother ataw.
Git away fae here or al keep yir baw…Martha shoutin it us aw'.

Doon the school or along the street, on oor bikes we’d aw' meet.
Roond the block, past oor grans, Pedal the bike as fast as yi can.
It's gittin dark so dinny go far, so we’d aw' pile inti oor wee car,
The wee mini it the side i' the hoose,
Steerin wheel and tyres bit the wires wir loose.

Wi were allowed ti play, in oor cubby hole,
amongst dirty washin, and bags a coal.
Oot the back on the swing,
playin in oor hut, the wee shack aw' a thing.
Climbing the fence, sittin in trees,
niver better times than these.

Then when wi froze the path, iviry body skytin: whit a laugh.
Dae a wee man, if yi can
or we’d go right along on oor bellies,
dinny dummy dinny wear yir wellies
Then that wid come tae a swift halt,
when the mithers brought oot the bag o' salt!
Then we’d hear the majic sound…that’s wee Tammy dane his round,
We’d aw' scatter inti oor hooses, raekin aboot fur mithirs purses.
Dinny bother she’d say tae us, yi left that bloody plate a chips!

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