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Lament for A Scuba Diver Who Was Thrown Into A Forest Fire ©

(Based on a freak accident that occurred in 1991)
Patrick Scott Hogg
Cumbernauld, Scotland

It was upon a summer's day
When I from work did skive.
I went to lake Ontario
To do a scuba dive.

The wind was fair, the sky was blue
The forest tall and green;
The sun it shone upon the lake
So peaceful, calm, serene.

Trees were mirrored on the water
The sun was warm and high;
There was no other life to see
Till an eagle flew by.

I plunged into the deep blue lake
And felt its warming glow.
It all seemed so like paradise,
The crystal blue below.

No Heaven's fell, nor witches spell
Could make time pass so slow;
Enchanting fish swam past so fast
They darted too and fro.

I never heard the airplane
Scoop down upon the lake
And whisk me up into the air
As Hell did on me break!

My peaceful silent solitude
My innocent escape
Was suddenly in jeopardy,
As more events took shape.

A forest fire was burning wild
Some several miles away.
The water was to put it out
All I could do was pray!

The pilot never looked down once
Straight to the flames he flew.
It was too late for me to jump -
So, what else could I do?

Into the flaming cauldron thrown
To quench the fire's heart,
I tumbled head o'er heels in fear
And sped down like a dart.

My body it was barbecued
They found my bones and dust;
A flipper still upon a heel
My goggles they were burst.

I was delivered from my Hell
To Heaven flew my soul;
So think upon this fate of mine
And 'for whom the bells toll'!!!

Whatever deeds you do in life
Whatever cards you play;
You will never know your future
Until the end of day.

Whatever fate has marked us for
'Tis not for us to know;
There's always things we never plan
That give the fatal blow.

You may laugh at my misfortune
Or find it sad and cry;
Don't ever take life for granted -
One day, YOU too, will DIE!!!

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