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Kisses ©

Graham Donachie
Victoria, Canada

If kisses cost a meagre maik,
a thousand frae your lips Id take
and niver coont the cost,

in apple scented breath
Id be
forever lost.

Should kisses cost a paltry pennie
and could I not afford that many,
Id dream o nectar sips,

sae saft and sweet,
the touch
o your lipstick lips.

But should they cost a siller sixpence,
then Id sadly ponder, since whence
did kisses ever reach,

the un-affordable
taste, o
a silken peach ?

Alas...but they be noo cost a shilling,
twice as dear but half sae willing
tae pleasure such,

a lowly lad as me,
wha canna
afford that much.

Lord, noo theyre bartered for florin,
I rue the day that I was born
a slave tae sweetness sae,

och, Ill tak the low road
an' tae celibate cell
and monkishness Ill gae.

Jesu, Ive jist found oot, theyre noo a pound
a sterling price...but if yeve found
they be as lovely female

and as tender saft an sweet
as I do remember...
then gie me an e-mail....

Maik....old Scots coin.
Florin...two shilling piece.

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