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Kintail In My Dreams ©

Ian McCrae
Sydney, Australia

A place that lives within my dreams
Where grasslands are forever green,
Drift wood on the morning tide
Kindle memories held with pride.

I know this place from stories told
By kinfolk in the days of old,
Shadows walking hand in hand
My ancestral home, I love this land.

In pride of place, our families crest
Ancestors where they lie at rest,
Walls were built by kith and kin
To shelter kinsman there within.

The beauty found within these walls
I can hear their voices call,
Wild birds sing their songs of grace
Daffodils, that mark their place.

My ancestral home is round the bend
Our family, history I will defend,
Battlefields where good men died
I can hear their battle cries.

I know their names so very well
And the places where they fell,
I hear them call across the years
Freedom from ten thousand tears.

A place that lives within my dreams
Where grasslands are forever green,
I travelled there without regret
Kintail a place I won't forget.

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