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Kelty Smiddy ©

John Bearcat-Redmond
Fife, Scotland

It was over 80 years ago at the back of Kelty store
A wooden shed stood all alone with a great big open door
The noise that came from in the shed so dark and yet did sing
Was the Anvil, Punch and Hammer and the Horseshoes they did ring
The man behind the hammer, tall and yet so strong
Looked a super Hercules in his shirt and leather thong
His name was Tam McPherson and he came from Kinross-shire
To build a Smiddy in our town with a great big roaring fire
And now it's nineteen eighty eight, and things are much the same
The Smiddy's in the Station Road and McPherson's still the name
The Anvil, Punch and Hammer can still be heard today
But the sound of the Horseshoes ringing have sadly faded away.

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