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Just Two Days ©

Mystery Rose

I had you close to me
Hidden and locked inside
I didn't want to tell anyone
You matter so much to me
Maybe I was embarrassed
And then the entire world would see.

I travel many miles to where you are
I look at you from afar
I don't want to invade your space
I just want to watch you keeping the pace

I watch you in the lights
As If I am mesmerized by your site
How silly I often think
To be infatuated by someone
Who I only twice met

I shook your hand and smiled at you
You smiled at me as if to thank me too

I like who you are
Of what I know about thus far
I like the people that you have close knit
You have an excellent adventure
And still on your way
I am glad our paths crossed
For just two days..

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