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Justice ©

Mystery Rose

It is time to let go of the past and start anew
It looks like now my life is in full bloom
I fought for justice
And I fought really hard
But what price did I pay when all is said and done?

Was I strong as the lion?
Was I weak as the lamb?
Did I stand up for people?
Did I lend a helping hand?

I journey now to begin again
For I have to recoup what was butchered by the hands
Of men out to wreck me
Of woman out to leap
Of the many who hunted me as if I was weak

They felt they had me
Pinned and caged
I fought back with anger in my voice
My temper was rage

Today I decided, why fight with tongue
I have so much more wit and a battle to be won
I refocused my thoughts
I regrouped with the plan
That justice is for all who live in this land.

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