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Just A Quiet Life ©

Ian McCrae
Muswellbrook, Australia

The children are all in bed
The animals outside have all been fed,
I just love to sit down by the fire
Old books and maps are my desire.

It's almost time to go to bed
What was that you just said?
I said, it's almost time to go to bed
Your bed, I suppose, you think that I am dead.

If you want to go to bed alone
I will just sit here on my own,
You know. There is nothing on TV
But then you never think of me.

I will stay with you by the fire
A glass of wine if you desire,
Yes I thought; you would come up with that old trick
You know that wine makes me sick.

Would you like me to make a cup of tea?
You know what tea does to me at night?
Then a glass of milk would do the trick
You're just looking for a fight.

I only want to please you my dear
Just settle down have a beer,
A beer, at this time of night
Now I know: what you are looking for all right.

I wonder what it was, I said.
I only want to go to bed,
A comfortable sofa would be just fine
A quiet life and peace of mind:

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