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Jist A' Thing ©

Josephine Duthie
Aberdeen, Scotland

Ye dinna hae tae ging far
tae fin' that freenly touch.
We're aye jist roon the corner,
we dinna charge ower much.
Fae Sunday roon tae Sunday
oor shelves are stapped foo,
fae hoover bags tae licht bulbs,
some paper fer yer loo.

Oor customers are special,
we treat them a' real kind.
We thole the wifies' gossip
an' help them tae unwind.
There's no anither like us
jist ask yer mither's ma.
We've been aroon fer centuries,
we winna ging awa'.

Fan Mr Broon wints backy
or Jeannie doon the lane
needs washin' pooder carried,
we'll tak it tae her hame.
Auld Archie disna worry
fan money's affa ticht.
He jist comes in tae see us,
we'll aye see him a' richt.

Noo Maggie comes in Friday
Tae buy her bingo pen,
an' Sandy wi' his collie dug
brings bags o' tatties ben.
There's ginger nuts fer granny
tae dunk in tae her tea,
some potted heed fer dinner,
an' rice fer kedgerie.

Carbolic is oor favourite,
the soap aye smells the best,
the colour disna vary,
the pong bides on yer vest.
Sometimes fan yer poorly
oor caster oil will dae
tae flush awa' the symptoms
fae an extra pint or three.

So come inside an' meet us,
the smell will mak' ye bide,
Ye'll breathe the spice o' India
an ham fae Kelvinside.
Yer custom aye is welcome
in oor wee Corner Shop.
Ye winna ging doonhearted
fer, 'Jist A' Thing's' a' we've got.

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